AGL Research Day

RSVP to our research update meeting 2015 over here.

Galveston Field Trip

Dr Stewart and some AGLers at Galveston field trip.

Mapping Faults

AGL members and locals at the AGL organized expedition to the Leogane area in Haiti as part of Geoscientists Without Border.

AGL's Physical Modeling System

Elastic, Acoustic, and Ultrasonic Measurement Systems

Physical Modeling

Scaled Ultrasonic Measurements on a Silicone Rubber Fault Model


The AGL's mission is to create and apply new geophysical means of imaging and understanding the subsurface. We are particularly dedicated to conscientious resource discovery and recovery. Faculty members work with the energy industry, professional societies, and other institutions to develop advanced technologies and help in educating the next generation of geoscientists. We use scaled laboratory measurements, field surveys, numerical modeling, and digital processing to develop novel methods of subsurface analysis.

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