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Graduate Theses

Thesis Title Author(s) Advisor(s) Year
Estimating sub-water bottom properties using marine guided waves and SONAR: Physical modeling, Haitian lakes, and Atlantis field, Gulf of Mexico Wang, J. 2016
3D ground-penetrating radar (GPR) investigations: Buried culverts, historical graves, a sandstone reservoir analog, and an impact crater Aziz, A. 2016
Rock-physics and 3C-3D seismic analysis for reservoir characterization: Marcellus shale, Pennsylvania Ruiz, F. 2016
Estimating seismic anisotropy: Fluid substitution theory, 3D-printed inclusion models, and multi-component 3F VSP in the Bakken shale Huang, L. 2016
Seismic anisotropy dependence on fluids, fractures, and stress: Physical modeling with Bakken and Barnett shale field cases Omoboya, O. 2015
3D seismic survey design: Coil shooting, multi-component (3C) receivers with gulf of Mexico and Caribbean case histories Kocel, E. 2015
Borehole seismic analysis: Up and downward continuation, migration velocity updating, and a Bakken shale case history Du, Y. 2015
Imaging and inversion of reflected surface waves Hyslop, C. 2015
Elastic Properties of Salt: Laboratory Measurements, Well-Log Analysis, and a Seismic Survey Over the Holckley Salt Mine, TexasPDF Zong, J. Stewart, R. 2014
3-D Seismic Survey Design via Modeling and Reverse Time Migration: Pierce Junction Salt Dome, TexasPDF Coskun, S. Stewart, R. 2014
Microseismic Monitoring: Physical Modeling and Source CharacterizationPDF Akbas, O. Stewart, R. 2013
S-wave Velocity Estimation Using Converted-Wave VSP DataPDF Zhang, M. Stewart, R. 2013
Near-surface Characterization via Seismic Surface-wave InversionPDF Roy, S. Stewart, R. 2013
Near-Surface Geophysical Imaging of Complex Structures: Meteor Crater, AZ and Jemez Pueble, NMPDF Turolski, A. Stewart, R. 2013
Time-lapse scenario modeling and VSP analysis for an EOR reservoir in OmanPDF Mukherjee, T. Stewart, R. 2013
Fluid Substitution and AVAZ Analysis of Fractured Domains: An Ultrasonic Experimental StudyPDF Huang, L. Stewart, R. 2013
An Integrated Geophysical Study of the Northern Gulf of MexicoPDF Kocel, E. Stewart, R. 2012
Time-Lapse Seismic Modeling for CO2 Sequestration at the Dickman Field, KansasPDF Li, J. Liner, C. 2012
Microphone Suppression of Air-Noise on GeophonesPDF Babcock, N. Stewart, R. 2012
Multicomponent 3D Seismic Interpretation of the Marcellus Shale Bradford County, PennsylvaniaPDF Gargouri, M. Stewart, R. 2012
Seismic Imaging with Ocean-Bottom Nodes (OBN): New Acquisition Designs and the Atlantic 4C OBN SurveyPDF Emrah Pacal, E. Stewart, R. 2012
Seismic Imaging of Anisotropic Domains: Physical Modeling and a Bakken Shale Field CasePDF Olabode Kingsley, O. Stewart, R. 2011
Building Subsurface Velocity Models Using Ocean-Bottom Seismic Data: Green Canyon, Gulf of MexicoPDF Obiora Uduanochie, K Stewart, R. 2011
Delineation of Subtle Geologic Features by Multi-Attribute Seismic Analysis in Dickman Field, KansasPDF King, H Liner, C. 2011
Comparison of Isotropic vs. Anisotropic PSTM Migrations in the Big Horn Basin, WYPDF Parker, J Liner, C. 2011
Log Property Comparison to Seismic Amplitude Analysis, Ness County, KansasPDF Swanson, E Liner, C. 2011
Mapping Deep Structure in Ness County, Kansas for CO2 Storage CharacterizationPDF Nikole LeBlanc, S Liner, C. 2011
Salt Reconstruction and Study of Depositional History, Upper Jurassic, East Texas BasinPDF Mondelli, K Liner, C. 2011
VSP-Assisted Seismic Interpretation: Glacial Terraces, Red Lodge, Montana and Avo Effects, Garden Banks, Gulf Of MexicoPDF Huang, J. Liner, C. 2011
Subsalt Seismic Illumination StudyPDF Belen Sanz Fernandez, A Liner, C. 2010
Enhancing Geologic Interpretations with Seismic Attributes in the Gulf of MexicoPDF H. Rubio, S Stewart, R. 2010
Reservoir Characterization and Steam Monitoring in Heavy Oil ReservoirsPDF Kato, A. Stewart, R. 2010
Viscoelastic Properties of Heavy Oils PDF Alejandra Rojas Luces, M. Castagna, J. 2010
Salt Reconstruction and Study of Depositional History, Upper Jurassic, East Texas Basin PDF Mondelli, K. Liner, C.  
AVO Analysis and Impedence Inversion PDF Bassey Inyang, C. Castagna, J. 2009
Asymptotic Calculation of the Biot's Waves in Porous Layered Fluid-Saturated Media PDF Liu, Y. Castagna, J., Goloshubin, G. 2009
Rock Physics Modeling of an Unconsolicated Sand Reservoir PDF Milovac, J. Castagna, J. 2009
Pleistocene Shelf-Margin Delta: Intradeltaic Deformation and Sediment Bypass, Northern Gulf of Mexico PDF Perov, G. Castagna, J., Goloshubin, G. 2009
Spectral Decomposition and Inversion: Case Study of a Productopm Area in the cook Inlet Basin, Alaska, USA PDF Rodriguez, J. M. Bhattacharya, J. P., Liner, C. 2009
Analysis of Frequency Characteristics of Seismic Reflections with Attenuation in Thin Layer Zone: Method and Application PDF Tai, S. Castagna, J. 2009
Methods of Fitting Conpressional and Shear Wave Velocities versus Saturation Curves and the Interpretation of Laboratory Velocity Measurements in Partially Saturated Rocks PDF Aljarrah, F. Castagna, J. 2009
Mixing Models and Frame Moduli Bounds PDF Gassiyev, A. Castagna, J. 2008
Seismic Reflection Inversion by Basis Pursuit PDF Zhang, R. Castagna, J. 2008
Constrained Non-Linear Seismic Inversion to Evaluate a Net-to-Gross Ratio of a Hydrocarbon Reservoir PDF Jeremic, A. Castagna, J. 2008