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Graduate Theses

Thesis Title Author(s) Year
Aquitanian (Lower Miocene) Depositional Systems: Vinton Dome, Onshore, Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Louisiana PDF Morenike Coker 2006
Depth Imaging of Crustal Scale Seismic Reflection Surveys in Southern California PDF Michael Thornton 2006
Spectral Decomposition and its Application in Mapping Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbons PDF Jianlei Liu 2006
Effect of Boutique Processing on Geometric Attributes: A Permian Basin Case Study PDF Joel Anthony T. Famini 2005
Sensitivity of Imaging to Seismic Anisotropy - Maljamar - Vacuum Field, NM PDF Marija Djordjevic 2005
3-D Elastic Kirchhoff Pre-Stack Depth Migration - Vinton Dome, Louisiana PDF Mariana Gherasim 2005
3D High Resolution Seismic Imaging of Middle � Late Quaternary Depositional Systems, Southeast Green Canyon, Sigsbee Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico PDF Oluwayomi Oyedele 2005
Stress and Fracture Characterization in a Shale Reservoir, North Texas, Using Correlation Between New Seismic Attributes and Well Data. PDF Yves Simon 2005
A Deterministic Evaluation of eismic Fidelity using Velocity Modeling and Attribute Analysis to Improve Surface Seismic Imaging Around Vinton Dome Louisiana PDF Warren Stephen Duncan 2005
P and SV Polarization Filtering of a Multicomponent Vector VSP PDF Katarina Jovanovic 2004
Rock Properties and Seismic Response of Chert Reservoirs, the Thirtyone Formation, West Texas PDF Dongjun Fu 2004
Impact of Kirchhoff and Wave Equation Prestack Depth Migrations in Improving Lateral Resolution in a Land Data Environment PDF Ivana Lazarevic 2004
Multi-Trace Seismic Attributes for Fracture Detection PDF Saleh Al-Dossary 2004
The Marmousi2 Model, Elastic Synthetic Data, and an Analysis of Imaging and AVO in a Structurally Complex Environment PDF Gary Martin 2004
3D Refraction Migration For Depth Imaging Of West Africa Salt Walls Connie J. VanSchuyer 2004
  John Kimbro 2004
Mapping Structural and Stratigrpahic Features Using Azimuthally Dependent Seismic Attributes Proposal PDF Srinivasa Jyosyula 2003
Tomographic Velocity Model Building: Application to Vinton Dome VSP Data PDF Sonja Kisin 2003
A Study of Long-offset Seismic Imaging with an Upgraded Physical Modeling System PDF Qingliang Lin 2003
Modeling and Removal of Ground Roll from Horizontal Component of C-waves PDF Claudio D'Agosto 2003
Impacts of Acquisition Footprint on Seismic Attribute Analysis PDF Burchin Inanli 2002
  Mohammed Al-Otaibi 2002
Seismic Tomography in Areas Associated with Comples Near-Surface Structures Khalid Al-Rufai 2002
Analysis of Time-Elapse Seismic Technology Using a Physical Model of a Porous Channel Sand PDF Ricko Wardhana 2001
  Ivan Gomez 2001
  Hector Alfonso 2000