Rob Stewart
Director of AGL
PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chevron, ARCO, Veritas, University of Calgary
General Expertise: Borehole geophysics (well logging, VSP, crosswell analysis), multicomponent seismic methods, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Office: 131-C SR1
Phone: (713) 743-3081


Faculty and Staff Collaborating on AGL Projects

John Castagna
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
General Expertise - Rock properties, seismic attributes, AVO

Evgeny Chesnokov
PhD, Moscow State University
University College of London, University of Oklahoma
General Expertise - Theoretical seismology, anisotropy, fracture monitoring

Nikolay Dyaur
PhD, Institute of Physics of the Earth
Russian Academy of Sciences
General Expertise - Rock Physics modeling, ultrasonic experiments

Gennady Goloshubin
PhD, Institute of Solid Earth, Moscow
Western Siberian Institute
General Expertise - Seismic exploration, reservoir analysis, permeability prediction

Fred Hilterman
PhD, Colorado School of Mines
Geophysical Development Corp., Mobil
General Expertise - AVO, seismic processing, petrophysics

Aibing Li
PhD, Brown University
Woods Hole Institute
General Expertise - Seismic tomography, inversion, crustal structure

William Sager
PhD, Marine Geophysics, University of Hawaii, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, Texas A&M University
General Expertise - Marine geophysics, Plate tectonics, Paleomagnetism

Leon Thomsen
PhD, Columbia University
Amoco, BP, Delta Geophysics
General Expertise - Anisotropy, seismic processing, EM analysis

Robert Wiley
PhD, Colorado School of Mines
Marathon Oil
General Expertise - Physical modeling, instrumentation, shallow seismic analysis

Yingcai Zheng
PhD, University of California Santa Cruz
Postdoc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
General Expertise - Global Seismology, and Seismic Wave Inversion

Hua-Wei Zhou
PhD, California Institute of Technology
General Expertise - Tomography, microseismic, migration


Technical and Administrative Staff

Li Chang
Researcher 1 (Nat. Phys. Science, Staff)
Phone: 713-743-3399